Anyone looking for inspiration for the perfect gift will be impressed by the collections on offer at Gift. Whether a birthday, wedding, christening or the arrival of a new baby, you will find something special for every occasion.

Ashleigh & Burwood

The Ashleigh and burwood fragrance lamp uses a specially designed catalytic stone that vaporises the fragrance and at the same time purifies the air by destroying some bacteria and removing odours. So the air not only smells cleaner, it is cleaner!

Seduced by the exotic fragrance of wild fig and grape. English luxury with a delightful Italian influence, inspired by vivid recollections of time spent in Italy. Only the finest ingredients have been selected to make this mouth watering range of products for you to enjoy

Di Paloma


Handmade here in Huddersfield this range includes leather handbags lined with liberty fabric, as well as smaller accessories such as appliqué mirrors in handmade leather pouches, liberty fabric corsages and pretty appliquéd make up bags.

With over 20 years of textile design experience, Disaster Designs never fail to come up with new, funky and simply gorgeous bags and fashion accessories and here at GIFT you can now enjoy a wide selection of their most popular ranges

Mala Leather

Mala Leather - Premium Leather Goods. Original design handmade products are all made with genuine leather sourced and manufactured from reliable ethical prodycts.